A picture of me

Hi, my name is Alice.

I am a lady who lives in Brooklyn Los Angeles and does some things.

I am the publisher, editor and a writer at The Yearbook Office, a collection of writings on being alive. We publish new writing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, please come check us out. Or if you are a writer, we accept submissions and we pay! More info here.

Before that, I had a project called Probably Never where I sent out an email every Thursday, never more than 1000 words, to a private mailing list. It ran for 41 weeks and you can read the collection here.

My writing has also been published at The Toast, I have written two pieces for them: Revolution, Grrrl-Style (Eventually) and How To Tell If You Are In A Haruki Murakami Novel.

I also co-host and produce Girlfriend Mode, a podcast about video games with Lindsay Pavlas. You should listen to it!

I used to produce , but we are on hiatus.

I obsessively use Twitter and Tumblr, but be warned I swear a lot.

You can also e-mail me here.